【Case Study】University of Liverpool

By Lumens Editor Group

March 10, 2015 18177

University of Liverpool

Date: 2010 - 2016

Country: U.K.
City: Liverpool
Website: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/
Application: Lecture Capture / Distant Learning

Lumens Product: PTZ Camera VC-G50, VC-G30; Document Camera PS751


VC-G50 and VC-G30 PTZ cameras are deployed in all of the large teaching spaces at the university; they are the core part of the teaching room set up wherever there is a lecture capture or room linking requirement
The PS751 HD desktop document camera is connected to a computer through USB. Lecturers can place a sheet of paper or any actual objects under the camera and present and make an annotation in real-time.

Why VC-G50

Outstanding Full HD image quality after comparing with other well-known brands
SDI / DVI / Component / C-video Multiple output interface
Wide-angle lens
128 preset positions
20x optical zoom

Why PS751

Outstanding Full HD image quality after comparing with other well-known brands
Built-in LED Backlight for X-rays, photos, negatives, and slides.
Stand-alone real-time annotation simply by a mouse
Video/Audio recording with a built-in microphone
Dual gooseneck side lamps for anti-reflection
Supports HDMI, VGA, USB

 “In the six years that the University has been using the cameras, there has not been a single failure, and even now with an install base of 100 units, we have not experienced any product issues.”

“When you have a product that is reliable and delivers what you expect, then it is natural that the usage will grow. In these six years since Pure AV introduced the Lumens PTZ cameras, we have gradually increased the applications where the cameras are used, and as the use of video and digital content persist I fully expect that to continue.”
Gary Swift
AV team leader at the University of Liverpool