Live Streaming Solution

Spread the Word and Keep Your Congregation Engaged Anywhere, Anytime

Houses of worship incorporate live streaming as a method to extend their reach among worshippers and people who can not attend services in person. Lumens live streaming and video recording solution have brought a new opportunity to the weekly house of worship services and other special occasions.


Immersive Virtual Worship Experiences


Best Color Reproduction

Proprietary image processing algorithms can ensure superior image quality, even in low light conditions.


  Focus on Meaningful Moments

Superior speech processing technology can enhance the human voice and reduce background noise.


  Live Worship on Social

Multi-stream live worship up to three destinations on social media like YouTube, Facebook, or twitch.


Essential Products for House of Worship

Lumens PTZ cameras, Auto-Tracking camera, box cameras, and media processor are designed for any type of church. Easily stream online worship service from any device across social media platforms.


PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are robotic video cameras that allow an operator to control pan, tilt, and zoom remotely. PTZ Cameras can pan, tilt to the particular view of a ritual, and zoom in on a target.


Auto-Tracking Camera

The auto-tracking camera can automatically video a moving target in the center of the film. The auto-tracking camera can capture the pastor without an operator behind the camera.



Box Cameras

Box cameras are POV cameras with optical zoom ability that can capture at a unique viewing angle. A box camera with 30x optical zoom can be installed at the back of the church and film at close range.


Media Processor

4-in-1 Media Processor supports recording, switching, mixing, and live streaming simultaneously. One button away, you can live stream and record your religious ceremony with the desired layout.




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