【Case Study】Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) – The Smart Hybrid Classroom

By Kieron Seth, Seaco Wei, Lumens

May 26, 2022 15312


▶ The Vision

In reaction to lockdowns and the global pandemic, Higher Education is transitioning towards blended learning, which delivers both on campus and distance education. This "Hybrid Set Up" is now beginning to dominate the way we teach and learn.


▶ Customer Requirements

Key to the hybrid model is the availability of quality online educational resources. Institutions now routinely record lectures to central servers, and stream sessions for students on and off-campus. They also employ conferencing platforms to engage interactively with students.


▶ Results

Lumens lecture capture and streaming solution enables institutions like KIIT to offer students a world-class online teaching. Using auto-tracking VC-TR1 cameras to capture presenters and VC-A50P cameras to record students, along with Sennheiser Ceiling Microphones, the university can record lectures in high quality and to near-television standards. At the heart of the system is Lumens LC200 CaptureVision Station, and the Extron Control Processor; together they make it simple to deliver multi-camera video content with real-time streaming.  There is no need for a video operator and with an easy-to-use user interface, the solution saves the institution time and money.


▶ Customer Feedback


Lumens Products were given preference because they offer all the major video components needed for the classrooms. Also, the integration with the 3rd party AV Equipment like ceiling mics and control processors was simple for the System Integrator. We especially like Lumens VC-TR1 as it's a standalone camera for Presenter Tracking making manual intervention negligible. 

Commented Mr.Satya Mahapatra, Head - IT


▶ System Diagram


▶ Key Products


Why VC-TR1

  • HDMI、3G-SDI、IP、USB Output
  • Support PoE+, Easy to Install
  • Intelligent Auto Tracking
  • Auto Framing

Why VC-A50P

  • 20x Optical Zoom  
  • 1080p, 720p Settings 
  • Supports SRT, RTMP, and RTMPS 
  • Ethernet, HDMI, and 3G-SDI Triple Video Output

Why LC200

  • 4-Input Video Processor (with HDMI and IP) 
  • Source Scaling, Switching and Vision Mixing
  • On-board Disk Storage 
  • Supports RTMP, RTMPS, MPEG-TS, TCP and UDP

Why DC170

  • Digital Zoom 12x  
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Built-in SD Card Slot 
  • Ethernet, HDMI, and 3G-SDI Triple Video Output
  • One-Touch Synchronous Audio/Video Recording

▶ Integrated with


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