【Case Study】Engage Distant Church Members with Lumens Live Streaming Solution (Gyeonggi, Korea)

By Lumens Editor Group

August 15, 2019 18280

Church in Gyeonggi, Korea

•    Date:  Aug. 2019
•    Country: Korea
•    City: Gyeonggi
•    Application: House of Worship
•    Lumens Product: VC-A60S PTZ Camera; VS-K20 Camera Controller

•    Along with: Lumantek Production Switcher


•    PTZ Camera VC-A60S are installed in the main church hall to capture speakers and audiences for live production and live streaming.
•    The space of the main church hall is considerable ample that the VC-A60S 30x optical zoom is a critical function for capturing desired views, and the primary connection is via optical fiber

•    The camera controller VS-KB20 is able to control PTZ through the RS232 daisy chain.

Why VC-A60S

•    Fabulous image quality after comparing with other well-known brands
•    30x optical zoom without any distortion
•    Supports WDR to provide a vivid image

•    RS232 / RS422 camera remote control

Why VS-KB20

•    Remotely controls PTZ cameras
•    Joystick for Pan / Tilt / Zoom and focusing
•    Easy operation of presets calling and camera adjustments
•    RS232 / RS422 daisy chain for easy installation

“Ministers and church staff are very satisfied with the high image quality, reasonable price, and stability. 30x optical zoom is essential due to space is large.”

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