【Case Study】India Institute of Technology (IIT)

By Lumens Editor Group

February 28, 2018 16018

India Institute of Technology (IIT)

Date: Feb. 2018
Country: India
City: Indore
Website: http://www.iiti.ac.in/
Application: Lecture recording/streaming
Lumens Product: VC-A50P PTZ Camera
                      VS-LC102 Lecture Capture System
                      VS-K20 Camera Controller

Along with: Video Switch (ATEN)


3 VC-A50P is installed in the 200 seat lecture hall; one camera captures the presenter and the other two capture students.
All important lectures are recorded via VS-LC102 and store in the IIT central server.
VS-LC102  is also used to live streaming guest lectures to other IIT campuses.

Why VS-LC102

Supports up to four inputs via VGA, HDMI, and IP cameras
Recording up to 4 channel mixing with multi-view layouts
Supports RTP, RTMP streaming format
Easy to use GUI

Why VC-A50P

Outstanding Full HD image quality after testing against other well-known brands
Video over Ethernet
Low-latency streaming

Why VS-K20 

Joystick for Pan/Tilt/Zoom and focusing
Easy operation of versatile camera adjustments
RS-232/RS422 interfaces allow long-distance communication
Auto backlight keys