【Case Study】Florida K-12 Public Schools Effective Telemedicine with Lumens Conferencing Camera

By Lumens Editor Group

August 31, 2019 18254

Florida Telehealth Portals In K-12 Public Schools

Date:  August. 2019
Country: U.S.
City: Panama City, FL
Press conference: https://bit.ly/2Zl8vwh
Application: Healthcare, Education
Lumens Product: PTZ Camera VC-B30U
Along With: Howard Technology Solutions Telehealth Kiosk


•63 Telehealth portals will be in public schools throughout six counties to provide mental health services to students recovering from Hurricane Michael.
•PTZ Camera B30U is placed on the top of the Howard Technology telehealth kiosk to provide a live feed for video conferencing between students and mental health providers.

Why VC-B30U

Outstanding Full HD image quality comparing with other well-known brands
High frame rate of 60fps
72° wide viewing angel
12x optical zoom reveals fine details
USB 3.0 Plug & Play

“It’s an innovative technology that students can really participate in the video conferencing section, think of Facetime with mental health providers”

Casey DeSantis
Florida First Lady