【Case Study】Phoenix College

By Lumens Editor Group

May 31, 2016 15535


Phoenix College
Date: May, 2016
Country: U.S.
City: Phoenix, AZ
Website: https://www.phoenixcollege.edu/
Application: Distance Learning / Lecture Capture
Lumens Product: PTZ Camera VC-B20U
Document Camera PS751
Along with: Extron Lectern System


PTZ Cameras VC-B20U are installed on the ceiling top of the health care bed and connect to the projector. Instructors are able to perform different therapy techniques, and the students in the classroom can observe at a close-up shot on the screen.
The PS751 HD desktop document camera is connected to a computer and projector within the Extron lectern system. Lectures can place a sheet of paper or any actual objects under the camera and present and make an annotation in real-time.

Why VC-B20U

Excellent Full HD image quality after comparing with other well-known brands
5x optical zoom to give a close-up shot
RS232 camera control protocol
USB 3.0 plug & play
Compatible with all popular video conferencing platforms
     Why PS751
Outstanding Full HD image quality after comparing with other well-known brands
Built-in LED Backlight for X-rays, photos, negatives, and slides.
Stand-alone real-time annotation simply by a mouse
Video/Audio recording with a built-in microphone
Dual gooseneck side lamps for anti-reflection
Supports VGA pass-through

“We’ve received a great deal of customer support and sales support from Lumens since we switched over to their HD cameras”

 “Our instructors are quite pleased with the Lumens equipment we’ve installed. We want to make sure our students understand the material better and if we have high definition equipment to do just that, then we’ve helped our students learn the material to succeed in their future careers.”

Mike Poplin
Chief Customer Officer at Phoenix College