【Case Study】Virginia Western Community College

By Lumens Editor Group

August 01, 2017 17295

Virginia Western Community College
Date: August, 2017
Country: U.S.
City: Roanoke, VA
Website: https://virginiawestern.edu/
Application: Distance Learning / Lecture Capture                                                  
Lumens Product: VC-A50S PTZ Camera; VC-AC08 Wall Mount
Along with: Zoom; Panopto       


Multiple PTZ Cameras VC-A50S are installed on the upper area of the wall to capture instructor actions, content on the whiteboard, and other movements in the classroom. Remote camera controller can operate PTZ through RS232 interface.
Via Zoom software to video conference captured video, remote students or guest speakers are able to learn and join from any location.
Along with Panopto Lecture Capture software, the whole class is recorded and stored in the cloud for students to review after school.

Why VC-A50S
Outstanding Full HD image quality after comparing with other well-known brands
20x optical zoom suitable for classrooms
RS232 camera control protocol
Dual color options (Black and White)
Easy to install with Lumens wall mount VC-AC08

“I was able to install VC-A50S myself and was surprised on the short length of time it took me,”
“The feedback from instructors was quite positive and they couldn’t believe the camera’s image quality.”
                                                                                                     Joe Bear
                                                                                                     Certified Technology Specialist at Media Geek