【General Solution】Lumens vs Bosch - Large Conference Room

By Kieron Seth & Seaco Wei, Lumens

August 30, 2022 15805



▶ Application

International summits, shareholder meetings, high-level conferences, company meetings, and political rallies take place in state-of-the-art conference facilities. Large meeting rooms require a professional conferencing system with high-quality audio. Broadcast-quality video cameras are often integrated into the setup to project the speaker live onto big screens or stream live content to screens around the venue, which can further enhance the ability of the speaker to engage with the audience. Voting systems and simultaneous multi-language translation are common at international events and in interactive events. The Bosch DICENTIS products perfectly partner with Lumens cameras to deliver every aspect of the solution.


International Summit

Investment Banking Industry



▶ System Diagram

Bosch DICENTIS System


▶ Product Select

Video Devices

● PTZ Camera

    Lumens VC-A71P (4K60, 30x)  

    Lumens VC-A61P (4K30, 30x)  

    Lumens VC-A50P (1080p60, 20x)


● Video Matrix

    Kramer MV-6 

    TvOne CORIOMatrix mini


● HDMI Splitter

    Kramer VM-8H


● PoE+ Switcher

    NETGEAR M4250-10G2XF-PoE+
    (10 port)


● Mounting Options

    VC-WM12 (Wall mount) 

    VC-WM15 (J mount)


● Cable Option

    (HDMI 2.0 Active Extender Cable)


Conferencing System

● Chairperson and Participants

    Multimedia device (DCNM-MMD2) 

    High-directive microphone (DCNM-HDMIC)

    License for voting for 1 seat (DCNM-LSVT)


● Central Equipment

    Audio processor and powering switch (DCNM-APS2)  

    Powering switch (DCNM-PS2) 

    System server (DCNM-SERVER) 

    System server software license (DCNM-LSYS)


● Cable

    System cable assembly (DCNM-CBxx) 


● Optional Software Licenses

    Meeting preparation and manage license (DCNM-LMPM)

    Voting preparation and manage license (DCNM-LVPM)

    Camera control license (DCNM-LCC)

    Presenter license (DCNM-LMS)

    Software maintenance agreement (DCNM-xSMA)


▶ Features

  • Professional Audio System
    High-sensitivity microphones, and high-quality audio broadcast and playback design
  • Click to Shoot
    Lumens cameras instantly focus on the live speaker, or revert to the chairperson at the click of a button. The entire process can be automated. Lumens PTZ camera has a high-speed and stable robotic motor design, precise white balance and smart focus, making it an ideal choice for professional conference rooms.
  • Flexible Configuration
    IP-based audio and PoE PTZ Cameras increase the flexibility of the installation
  • Save Time
    The conference system integrates with the voting system for instant audience feedback.
  • Multi-language
    International conferences often require the option of multi-language support


*This solution is compatible with multiple room configurations.


▶ Layout for Round Table


▶ Layout for Hollow Square Table


▶ Success Story

2019 G20 Osaka Summit, Japan

Together with Bosch DICENTIS, Lumens VC-A50P PTZ IP Cameras provide live feeds to orchestrate the international summit conference and facilitate live multi-lingual interpretation.

 ➢Lumens Product:
    VC-A50P PTZ Cameras
    VS-KB30 Camera Controller  

BOSCH Product :
   BOSCH DICENTIS Conference System


▶ Summit

  • Inter-government, corporate and institutional conferences demand a high standard of of audio and video.
  • Large conference rooms suit a variety of configurations; AV can ensure communication is always clear with well-situated cameras, screens and microphones.
  • Integrating camera switching and camera preset positions with the audio system enhances the session, while automating many elements of the AV production process.
  • Bosch's professional conference solution is certified to operate with  Lumens provides professional PTZ cameras, which are optimized for fast and pain-free integration with the audio system.
  • As well as providing excellent audio quality, Bosch's DICENTIS system offers users
    • Voting functionality responsive audience feedback.
    • Full multi-language support.

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