【ProAV Lab】First Among Equals: New Features for the LC200

By Kieron Seth, Lumens

August 18, 2022 14481


The Lumens LC200 was the first of the CaptureVision series. With 4 channels of AV switching, source mixing, video capture and streaming, plus fast integration with LMS platforms, it has quickly become a hit with universities, public sector organizations and corporate companies. 


The second release in the range, the LC100 launches as a 'junior' 2-channel model. However, as a newer product, it has been equipped with a range of tools that were not available on the LC200.


▶ Big Brother

A lot of customers asked if this functionality would cross over onto their LC200 units. Recent updates to the LC200 firmware now make it a true media powerhouse:

 • NAS Support 

LC200 captures multiple HDMI and IP sources to an internal disk or an external USB drive. Periodically, the recordings can be copied to network storage (NAS) for secure back up, post-production and editing, and file sharing.

 • Remote Control and Administration 

The Lumens Deployment Tool is perfect for organizations with multiple CaptureVision systems on their network. Now, authorized users can log onto each device to trigger or schedule recordings and streaming sessions and set up cameras and scene layouts. 

 • Front Button Lock 

This is a minor but essential feature that can protect the device from unintended consequences. While the front buttons make the unit very easy to use, the ability to remotely control the device over the network means that unauthorised personnel could interfere with a recording or streaming session by inadvertently pushing a button. The new lock feature disengages the buttons to prevent this.

 • Intermission Break

It's simple to pause a recording, but impossible to pause a live stream. With the Intermission feature, an Intermission break graphic can be displayed to let viewers know that 'we'll be live again soon' or 'the session continues at 11.00' or whatever message you want to share.


▶ The Future

The concept of 'video everywhere' is becoming a reality. So, the CaptureVision team at Lumens will continue to innovate and roll out the new features and functionality you need. Leave your ideas here – we'd love to hear from you.

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