【ProAV Lab】Breakthrough - Virtual Camera - Using SDI, HDMI, and IP cameras for video conferencing

By Kieron Seth, Seaco Wei, Lumens

May 23, 2022 14602


▶ Introduction

USB cameras are often the first choice for video conferencing. Simply connect USB to your computer launch Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, and the meeting can begin. But it’s not just USB cameras that can be used for conferencing. In fact, sometimes, the alternatives may be the better solution.


▶ Why is there no USB output

Generally speaking, USB conference cameras are suitable for personal and small conference rooms. Large conference rooms, lecture halls or hybrid classrooms may suit alternative types of camera.

Types of Cameras Required Interface Application Scenarios
Video Conference Camera USB Personal or small meeting room
PTZ Camera HDMI , SDI / Network Classroom or large meeting room
Auto Tracking Camera HDMI , SDI / Network Classroom or large meeting room
Professional Camcorder SDI Professional video studio
Surveillance Camera Network Remote security and surveillance.

▶ The cause of the problem

Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams partner easily with USB cameras. Unfortunately, most USB cameras rely on fixed lenses and are optimized to shoot from 1-2m distance. They also lack robotic mechanisms that are useful to frame the perfect shot. Many professional video cameras are equipped with Ethernet, SDI and HDMI connectors, requiring USB Converter devices to be added as a video conferencing accessory. An HDMI to USB adapter works well, but is costly and limited by the length of the USB and HDMI cables. 



▶ Lumens Virtual Camera solution

Lumens' virtual camera software allows all Lumens IP cameras to support USB emulation. It’s as easy to use as a traditional USB camera. The camera is connected to the network using an Ethernet cable. The camera is virtualized and is immediately available to the laptop or computer hosting the video conference as source.



▶ Use virtual cameras in hybrid classrooms 


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