【Solution】Lumens & Pixotope - Building a virtual studio

By Kieron Seth, Seaco Wei, Lumens

May 17, 2022 17391




▶ How does the solution work?

 • PTZ cameras transmit real-time positioning data 

 • Pixotope virtual set production software

Pixotope is built for on-air use, enabling rapid design and deployment of virtual, augmented, or mixed reality content. 

 • Create a virtual camera in Pixotope software

Dynamically moving the camera position within a 3D virtual space requires the exact synchronization of the PTZ camera with the virtual production system. Lumens cameras transmit exact positioning data with extremely low latency into Pixotope.

 • Pixotope software enables the perfect fusion of reality and virtual worlds

Pixotope creates high-resolution live images at high refresh rates to deliver very realistic results 

 • Lumens LC200 for live streaming and recording



▶ System Diagram

  • Media Processor 

Lumens LC200 

  • PTZ Camera 

Lumens VC-A71PN 

Lumens VC-A51PN 

  • Camera Controller  
    Lumens VS-KB30 
  • Appellation Software

Pixotope™ system   

NDI® Tools


▶ Solution Overview

 • Create virtual studios with ease

Install a well-lit green screen background in a studio of any size.

 • Simple set-up

PC + Pixotope software : Complete virtual production system

Lumens 4K PTZ Camera : Outputting 60Hz UltraHD video images.

Lumens PTZ Camera controller : The easiest and fastest way to control PTZ cameras

 • Single cable camera installation

Use a single network cable for video over IP (using the NDI format), data transmission and power.

 • Simple live streaming and video recording

LC200 mixes video, record programming and stream live.


▶ Why Pixotope


Photo realistic rendering

Pixotope utilises Epic Games' Unreal Engine to produce photorealistic rendering in real-time. Create virtual sets, virtual environments, and augmented content, with terrain and foliage, with particle systems, and with simulated cameras and lenses.

Rapid design and deployment

Pixotope is built for on-air use enabling rapid design and deployment of virtual, augmented, or mixed reality content. It enables users to configure, create, and control, any kind of virtual production from a single user interface.


Featuring intuitive editing tools, Pixotope harnesses the real-time power of the Unreal Engine to create anything from a single camera project, to a live multi-camera virtual studio production, all at cinematic quality.


For more information, please visit pixotope.com 


▶ Why Lumens


Why VC-A71PN

• Supports Pixotope™

• Supports NDI®|HX, and PoE

• 4K UHD 60fps

• Fast and accurate PTZ mechanism


Why VS-KB30

• Control up to 255 cameras

• Joystick for camera control

• Compatible NDI®|HX

• 12V DC and PoE support


Why LC200

• Supports 4 HDMI Inputs

• Supports 4 HDMI Inputs and IP video sources including Lumens IP cameras, and standard RTSP streams.


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