【Solution】Barco & Lumens – Large Meeting Room BYOD Solution For Corporate

By Kieron Seth, San Chen & Isaac Chen, Lumens

March 28, 2022 19690




Use Case: Large Meeting Rooms

BYOD Solution

• Participants: 8~20 people
• Space: >25~45 m2

Architects often design conference rooms into corporate facilities and office buildings. These spaces are used for board meetings, company presentations and inter-company discussions. They enable organizations to host hybrid meetings, involving overseas offices and partners who are geographically remote.


Pain Points in Traditional Meeting Rooms

1. Cables and adapters clutter the conference room table.
2. Audio quality and voice pickup can be poor, especially in spaces with poor acoustics and with a group of participants.
3. Video conference devices are connected to a computer using inconveniently short USB cables.
4. The conference camera lacks the quality to capture guests at the back of the room.
5. Video conference setup can take 10 minutes and require the support of an AV technician.
6. Sharing reports and presentations from multiple delegates is challenging.



Solution Features

Clear Communication
• Professional Audio Quality
   A Biamp professional audio digital signal processor (DSP) will enhance audio quality in the room.
Ceiling Microphones and Speakers
   Ceiling microphones are great for capturing the entire room and providing 360-degree coverage. Deploy multiple ceiling speakers so everyone in the room can hear presentations and individual contributions clearly.
Multi-purpose Meeting Space
• BYOD Instant Video Conferencing
   With the Barco ClickShare Wireless Conference, you start a video conference with a single click.
More Constructive Meetings
   A mini-PC can be connected to Barco CX50 to facilitate meetings. A tactile control panel delivers maximum ease of use, controlling a matrix switch which manages in-room displays.
• Sharing without Restriction
   Barco CX50 pairs with 2-4 ClickShare buttons enabling participants to share screens and switch to colleagues' presentations at leisure.
Clutter-free Meeting Rooms
• Bring Your Own Device
   Plug the USB ClickShare Button into your laptop for instant on-screen projection, with no need for another cabling.
Ceiling Embedded design
   Embedded ceiling microphones and speakers make the meeting space look professional without reducing the quality of the conference room.
• Worry-free Interface and Cabling
   A wireless connection replaces long cables and removes unnecessary and messy wiring from the meeting room.
Capture Everyone with Ease
• Zoom to Capture
   A high-definition PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom can capture all delegates throughout the meeting room.
Intelligent Tracking
  A Lumens tracking camera automatically follows the presenter to keep the host in frame.


Product Selection

Video Equipment
• Conference PTZ Camera 
   Lumens VC-R30 :  
   12x optical zoom / Auto-Framing / PoE
   Lumens VC-B30U :  
   12x optical zoom / 72° viewing angle / 
   USB & HDMI outputs
   Lumens VC-TR1 :  
   20x optical zoom / Auto-Framing /
   Auto-Tracking / PoE

• Wireless Presentation System
   Barco ClickShare CX50
Barco ClickShare button

• Display
   65-85" Display 

• 4x4 HDMI Matrix
   Crestron HD-MD4X4-4KZ-E

• Controller
   Crestron RMC3

• Control panel
   Crestron TSW-760-B-S + MSMK 
Video Equipment
• Audio DSP
   Biamp TesiraFORTÉ AVB VT4 
• Audio Bridge and Extension
   Biamp TesiraCONNECT TC-5 
   Biamp Parlé TCM-XA
Biamp EX-UBT

• Ceiling Microphones
   Biamp TCM-X
• Ceiling Speaker
Biamp Desono C-IC6 WHITE 


System Deployment

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