Lumens Announces New Remote Control Panel LC-RC01


An Essential Accessory for the LC200 CaptureVision System

Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 15, 2020 –
Lumens® Digital Optics Inc., today introduced the latest LC-RC01 remote control panel, a wall plate for Lumens – LC200 CaptureVision System. This panel contains the key functions similar to the LC200 front panel and can be extended up to 30 meters through a Cat 5e cable. It can be mounted in walls and furniture in any standard one-gang US/EU A/V frame enclosure. With the intuitive interface, it allows users to quickly and effectively control the live streaming, recording, and video file saving options. In addition, the panel provides three macro functions that can remotely switch the scene and control the camera preset. Equipped with a USB port, it supports USB flash drives to record or backup video files. The LC-RC01 offers greater flexibility for operating the LC200.

The LC200 CaptureVision System is an innovative media processor. It is designed for recording, saving videos and creating live streams for any audience. The LC200 allows users to record videos at Full HD 1080p, and can easily mix, encode and switch between video sources, add overlays and background at the user’s preference and broadcast the mixed videos to various social platforms and video platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Kaltura, Panopto, etc. It supports capturing various video sources from up to four HDMI or three IP video input sources including HDMI inputs, Lumens IP Camera, Lumens NDI|HX Camera and standard RTSP streams. Together with four line-in / Mic-in inputs, the LC200 is able to provide a complete audiovisual experience for audiences, and is applicable to serve as a core system in lecture capture, event recording and live streaming.

LC-RC01 remote control panel is available now. Version options: U.S and Europe standards.

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