Camera Controller


Control Multiple Cameras over IP and USB

Lumens Camera Controller software is designed to help IT and AV teams remotely manage and control multiple Lumens cameras via their IP and USB interfaces.


Why Use Lumens Camera Controller Software?


1. Easy to Control Camera

The software provides a convenient interface giving you computer-based camera control. It allows the operator to control the camera's position, zoom and focus. 

Camera Controller makes it easier to use preset positions. When a preset is saved, a preset thumbnail image is captured at the same time, which is displayed on the preset button. This makes it child's play to trigger the correct preset.

The software can also control the camera's tracking features (where available). You can turn the Tracking or Auto framing function on or off, switch between tracking modes, and adjust key parameters.


2. Monitoring Multiple Monitors

The live preview screen can be configured to a single view output or to 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 modes. This means that up to 16 cameras can be previewed simultaneously.



3. Group Management

Managing multiple devices is made easier by establishing camera groups. Groups can be created logically by location, type, team or any other factor that is useful to you.


4. Support for Windows and MacOS

Lumens Camera Controller software is available in Windows and MacOS versions.



5. Cloud-based Software Upgrades

Camera Controller automatically alerts system administrators when a new version of the software is available.


6. Password Management

Camera Controller increases the security of administrator accounts. If an administrator needs to reset their password, the "Forgot Password" routine will automatically generate a new secure password.


Minimum System Requirements

Windows OS

Support OS Windows 7 / 10 / 11
CPU Intel 7th generation Core i5 1GHz above (or equivalent AMD CPU)
Memory 8GB RAM
Free Disk Space 1GB Free Disk Space
Ethernet 100 Mbps network card


Support OS MacOS version 10.12 above / 11 / 12
CPU Intel 7th generation Core i5 1GHz above, or M1
Memory 8GB RAM
Free Disk Space 10GB Free Disk Space
Ethernet 100 Mbps network card

Compatible Products


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How to Video

Getting Started with Lumens Camera Controller Software