CamConnect Lite


Synchronize Your Mics and Cameras

CamConnect Lite is a complimentary software application which integrates Lumens PTZ camera control with a range of microphone array systems.

By integrating the microphone array, the PTZ camera will automatically switch to focus on the active-speaking participant in a meeting space. This greatly improves the video conference experience.


How does CamConnect Lite work?

By using live data from a directional microphone array, CamConnect Lite determines the active speaker's position and moves the PTZ camera to the appropriate preset position. This voice-activated control system is ideal for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces.


Key Features


Simply connect your PTZ camera and microphone array system


Voice-activated solution for meeting rooms


Easy to configure


Connection Diagram

PC (or laptop) with CamConnect Lite Software and a standard Video Conferencing Software or Unified Communications Service


Conference Room Configuration Diagram


Using live data provided by the microphone, CamConnect Lite establishes the position of the active speaker in a conference room and directs the PTZ camera to switch to the appropriate preset position. This voice-activated system is ideal for huddle rooms and small meeting spaces..


Easy to Configure

No programming is required: set up is via an installation wizard. CamConnect Lite connects selected Lumens PTZ cameras to a range of microphone systems from Shure®, Sennheiser® and Nureva®. This immediately turns your Lumens PTZ camera into a sophisticated voice tracking camera.



Supported Microphone Systems


Supported PTZ Cameras


PTZ Cameras

Auto Tracking Cameras

NDI Cameras

Video Conference Cameras


Minimum PC Specifications

Support OS Windows 10 / Windows 11
CPU Intel i5 / i7 above
Memory 4GB RAM
Free Disk Space 1GB Free Disk Space
Min. Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080