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Date Download Name Language Size Remarks
2019/9/12 Florida Court Building English 275 KB
Florida Court Building Selects Lumens PS751 Document Camera for Presenting Evidence in a Case
2019/9/12 University Nevada of Las Vegas English 171 KB
University Nevada of Las Vegas Installs Lumens CL510 Ceiling Cameras
2019/9/12 At Sts. Peter and Paul School English 211 KB
Lumens™ Ladibug™ DC192 Enhances Learning in Ms. Williams Classroom at Sts. Peter and Paul School
2019/9/12 Chemistry Teacher Conducts Experiments English 95 KB
Chemistry Teacher Conducts Experiments with Lumens Document Camera
2019/9/12 Dublin California English 111 KB
Dublin California, Teachers Teaching Teachers How to Integrate Technology
2019/9/12 Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School English 256 KB
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District Standardizes on Lumens Ladibug Document Cameras
2019/9/12 University of Bath English 390 KB
2019/9/12 In the way Teachers Lecture to Students English 205 KB
A Lumens™ Ladibug™ Document Camera Makes a Difference in the way Teachers Lecture to Students
2019/9/12 Tyler ISD, Texas English 418 KB
Tyler ISD, Texas - The High-Tech Classroom helps Texas district close the achievement gap.
2019/9/12 Solution Spotlight English 143 KB
Solution Spotlight- Teaching the Way Kids Need to Learn
2019/9/12 3D Case Study English 503 KB
3D Case Study: Nancye Blair
2019/9/12 Oakland, California English 827 KB
Oakland, California-Lumens Helps Students in the Library
2019/9/12 Ventura, California English 978 KB
Ventura, California - Lumens is Key Component of Highest Performing Classroom
2019/9/12 Port Houston, Texas English 1 MB
Port Houston, Texas - Lumens Creates Success in Sharon Nowling Perry`s Classroom
2019/9/12 Johnston, IA English 297 KB
Johnston, IA - Lumens Document Cameras Let Instructors Think Creatively about Content
2019/9/12 Arlington, Virginia-1 English 157 KB
Arlington, Virginia - Lumens Enhances Reading and Writing Lessons
2019/9/12 Arlington, Virginia-2 English 814 KB
Arlington, Virginia - Lumens Visual Presenters Keep Students Engaged in Classroom Work
2019/9/12 Danville, CA English 43 KB
Danville, CA - Fourth Grade Teacher Uses Lumens Visual Presenter Alongside Integrated Whiteboard