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As a leader in the A/V market, Lumens strives to provide business with a high-quality video conferencing solution by reducing travel costs, saving time, and improving employee productivity. Stay connected with colleagues from any location.


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For Any Meeting Place

Lumens video conferencing webcams/cameras are designed for small to large-size rooms, for online meeting use with any video conferencing software.

Small Meeting Room BYOD Solution

With organizations preferring smaller, more focused meetings of 2 to 4 people, compact meeting spaces are increasingly being installed. Employees can use this space flexibly, whether for project meetings with remote co-workers or video conferences with customers.


Medium-Sized Meeting Room BYOD Solution

A conference room for 4 to 8 people is an essential space in the corporate building. Departmental meetings or executive meetings often taken place in medium-sized meeting spaces. These rooms are also suitable for video conferencing with partners, customers or suppliers.


Large Meeting Room BYOD Solution

Architects often design conference rooms into corporate facilities and office buildings. These spaces are used for board meetings, company presentations and inter-company discussions. They enable organizations to host hybrid meetings, involving overseas offices and partners who are geographically remote.


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