World MediaNet Studios

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/6/12

World MediaNet, the television broadcast and recording studio recently add eight robotic cameras to the operation. One VS-KB30 provides a solution that can operate those 8 cameras for TV production.


Sunwest Group of Companies

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/12/26

With the use of the VC-B30U and VC-B10U cameras for executive boardrooms, medium-sized meeting rooms, and discussion hubs, video conferencing is easier with its crystal clear resolution.


National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)

by Lumens Editor Group 2018/9/25

One VC-A50P is placed on the back to capture Judges' view; the other VC-A50P is placed in the front to capture the lawyers' view.


D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

by Lumens Editor Group 2020/3/16

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia start to offer distance learning. The University has branches in other country and regions.


Lee Kernaghan "Backroad Nation" Tour

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/11/20

I selected the Lumens A60S cameras because they’re great in low light. While the powerful optical and digital zoom means I can place one of the cameras at the back of the room and still get a great, tight shot.


Police of Limburg 2019

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/9/3

Integrating with the VC software of Teleportel, the box camera can take high-resolution snapshots and transmit to the police officer through RTSP protocol.


Church in Gyeonggi, Korea

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/8/15

PTZ Camera VC-A60S are installed in the main church hall to capture speakers and audiences for live production and live streaming.


India Institute of Medical Sciences

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/8/23

In the seminar rooms, three VC-A50P are installed for the presenter and audience view. One PS752 is for X-Rays. All cameras are connected to VS-LC102 media processor for recording and streaming.


KBRO TV (Xinzhuang Basketball Stadium)

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/3/25

VC-A70H is used to capture the broadcasting room, cheerleaders, fans reaction, and baseball field, especially first base cases with 4K Ultra high definition video.