Backup Recorded Videos & Scheduled Recordings

The CaptureVision Stations’ recorded videos can be saved to a built-in hard disk (1TB) or external hard disk using a flash drive. Afterwards, the files can be uploaded to an FTP/SFTP site or to a cloud platform. It supports scheduled recordings and FTP/SFTP uploading at a specific time.

Up to Four Input Sources with Full HD

The Lumens CaptureVision Station is equipped with HDMI / VGA / RJ-45 ports and supports Full HD 1080p video and audio recording – so there’s no need to purchase extra matrix equipment. It supports synchronized, multi-source inputs such as IP PTZ cameras, document cameras, and laptops.

Distance and Online Learning

The CaptureVision Station supports live streaming to deliver live video, audio and instruction to another location simultaneously. Also, it supports HTML 5 for viewing the course content on any device via web browser.



Download Product Documents

Documents Upload Time
VS-LC102 Datasheet 2020/2/4
VS-LC102 User Manual 2019/9/4