India Institute of Medical Sciences

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/8/23

In the seminar rooms, three VC-A50P are installed for the presenter and audience view. One PS752 is for X-Rays. All cameras are connected to VS-LC102 media processor for recording and streaming.

Church in Gyeonggi, Korea

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/8/15

PTZ Camera VC-A60S are installed in the main church hall to capture speakers and audiences for live production and live streaming.

Nankai University (China)

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/8/7

200 VC-A50P are installed in different multi-purpose teaching rooms for the purpose of lecture capturing and video conferencing.

Australian Catholic University

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/7/31

Smart classrooms comprise of a Crestron DMPS, a touch panel, a PC, and a Lumens document camera PS752.

G20 Osaka Summit 2019

by Lumens Editor Group 2019/6/30

G20 is an international forum of 19 countries and EU that together represent 90% of the world economy. 2019 G20 Summit was held in Osaka, Japan.